BioTime’s bid to end age-related disease: A look at CEO Michael West’s Vision
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Michael West
corporate vision


The regenerative medicine space is one that is set to explode with considerable innovation and profitability for shrewd biotechnologists. I had the opportunity to speak with Michael West, PhD., CEO of BioTime (BTX) and found a man passionate about regenerative medicine and of course passionate about his role in its future. In this conversation I learned of West's vision, which I think provides some powerful clues as to areas of future growth in the biotech sector. He points to three scientific advances that make this vision actualizable. First, sequencing technology that allows us to perform RNA sequencing for around 300 dollars or less, second the common and reversible molecular basis for age-related diseases, and finally industrial scaling of pure cell lines like the ones manufactured by BTX. Let's look at the three enabling technologies that West touched on and examine how they are being utilized to achieve West's vision within BTX and others involved in the anti-aging revolution.
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