A new choice for marketing mode of medical devices: mobile phone media


  • Kui Yu




Abstract: Since the release of Chinese economic reform, the industry of medical devices has gained a rapid development in China and has been one of the important supports for national economy. The marketing of medical devices is facing problems such as white hot market competition, large amount of medical device products, severe blind marketing, single marketing mode and incomplete marketing network. Limited by the traditional marketing mode, the advertisements input by the medical device enterprises produce low economic benefits, suggesting the traditional marketing mode for medical devices has not been able to keep pace with the rapidly developed digital age. The emergence of mobile phone media solves the deficiencies of the traditional marketing mode in the aspects of creativity, interactivity, accuracy, service and marketing network and becomes a new marketing mode for medical devices. Mobile phone media based marketing improves the popularity of medical device enterprises, help establish good corporate image, enhances the sales volume of medical device products, and increase profits, which attributes to its advantages that is distinguished it with traditional media. Moreover, it also improves the grade and intangible value of commodities and brings about more economic benefits to enterprises.