Venture investment assessment of the biotechnology industry


  • Xiangli Kong



Abstract: The biotechnology industry has been the leading industry among various high-tech industries since the mid- and late stage of 20th century and has applied in many fields. Venture investment originates from the same stage. This study evaluated the value of venture investment programs through qualitatively analyzing the venture investment of the biotechnology industry. According to the characteristics of biotechnology industry, a biotechnology industry venture investment assessment indicator system was established firstly. Then a cluster-radial basis function (RBF) neural network comprehensive evaluation model was established. The comprehensive evaluation value of the biotechnology industry venture investment programs was obtained through analyzing the relational expression with regard to biotechnology industry production value and venture investment. The above models and relational expression were verified. The fitting coefficient of the model empirical results suggested that reached 0.912, and the error in the comprehensive evaluation model test was 0.052. The dynamic simulation result ranking was highly identical with the practical operation results. The empirical results of the relational expression suggested every 1% of increase in the logarithmic value of biotechnology industry venture investment could result in 0.727% of increase in the industry program production value. Therefore, the models and relational expression obtained were verified with practical operability and certain accuracy. Venture investment can effectively promote the development of the biotechnology industry and produce positive impact on the development of venture investment in the biotechnology industry in China.