Safety management and risk communication of genetically modified organisms


  • Jinying Li College of Horticulture, Jilin Agricultural University Changchun
  • Ying Wang



transgenic organisms, safety management, risk communication, long-acting mechanism


With the rapid development of transgenic biotechnology, social economic benefits generated from it becomes more and more; however, the doubt on its safety never fades away. Whether transgenic technology is safe or not is always disputed. Different countries have released and established relevant genetically modified organisms safety management schemes and biotechnology risk communication mechanisms to ensure the long-acting, stable and healthy development of transgenic biotechnology. This study analyzed and compared the genetically modified organisms safety management schemes of United States and European Union and the biotechnology risk communication mechanisms of counties such as United States and Japan and then proposed some suggestions to perfect genetically modified organisms management regulations and risk communication long-acting mechanisms such as establishing sound laws and regulations, strengthening transgenic technology support, establishing information open monitoring platform and perfecting the risk communication function of relevant institutions, with the intention of ensuring the health and continuous development of transgenic organism industry.