Open Access Option

The Journal of Commercial Biotechnology uses a hybrid subscription-based and open access model, serving authors and readers preferring either option.

What are the benefits of open access?

The elective open access option is available for authors who wish to provide free open access to their papers to enjoy the potential for increased readership and citation associated with open access.

How much does it cost?

Pricing for open access is $300 per page (discounted pricing is available for non-commercial entities). For more information and a price quote, please contact the chief editor at

Why is there a cost?

The Journal of Commercial Biotechnology is a subscription-based journal. There are no fees to submit or publish papers in the JCB. Accordingly, when papers are made open-access the annual subscription-access published page count must be increased to compensate subscribers. This model provides open access for individual papers, without diluting subscriptions. Authors electing for open access are asked to subsidize this program based on the number of pages in their paper(s).

Open Access Papers

The following papers have elected for open access:


Assessing the history and value of Human Genome Sciences
Laura M. McNamee, Fred D Ledley

Patenting human genes and mutations: A personal perspective
Ananda Mohan Chakrabarty

The relevance and importance of business development and licensing in the biopharmaceutical industry
Roger Davies

Not fully harmonized: Differences in biotechnology patenting between Europe and the United States
Brian R Dorn, Zoë Birtle

What do hospital labs really need to streamline diagnostic testing: Apple vs. Microsoft environment?
Doug Millar, John Melki

Using Biotechnology, CSI, and Zombies to Promote Science Education in one of America’s Most Challenging Regions
David Eugene Menshew