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Patenting human genes and mutations: A personal perspective
Ananda Mohan Chakrabarty

Building biotechnology by design: Role of biotechnology in development
Patrick Nef

The UK Government's strategic approach to the biotechnology industry
Lord Sainsbury


Public–private partnerships in trust-based public health social networking: Connecting organizations for regional disease surveillance (CORDS)
Louise S Greshama, Leslie A Pray, Suwit Wibulpolprasert, Beverly Trayner

Building biotechnology in Okinawa
Yali Friedman     

Startup America: What it includes and opportunities for innovators
David B Orange

Commercial Strategy

The relevance and importance of business development and licensing in the biopharmaceutical industry
Roger Davies

What do hospital labs really need to streamline diagnostic testing: Apple vs. Microsoft environment?
Doug Millar, John Melki

Revitalizing portfolio decision-making at Merck Serono S.A.
Vincent Aurentz, Bernhard Kirschbaum and Markus Thunecke

Building biotechnology teams: Personality does matter
Anne S York, Kim A McCarthy and Todd C Darnold


Practical approaches to early stage life sciences technology valuations
Stephen Mayhew

Pharmaceutical royalties in licensing deals: No place for the 25 per cent rule of thumb
Nigel Borshell and Adrian Dawkes

Valuation of complex license contracts
Ralph Villiger and Boris Bogdan


R&D spending and sources of funding of private US biopharmaceutical firms seeking to go public
David R Williams and Richard W Pouder

Multiyear patterns regarding the relative availability of venture capital for the US biotechnology industry
J Leslie Glick

When should you fire the founder
William Bains

Intellectual Property

Dominating global intellectual property: Overview of patentability in the USA, Europe and Japan
Thomas J Kowalski, Antonio Maschio and Samuel H Megerditchian

Kinik: Raising the stakes for importing products derived from US patented processes practised abroad
Scott B Familant


Bioentrepreneurship in Japan: Institutional transformation and the growth of bioventures
Michael J Lynskey

Biotechnology in Cuba: 20 years of scientific, social and economic progress
Ernesto López Mola, Ricardo Silva, Boris Acevedo, José A Buxadó, Angel Aguilera and Luis Herrera

China 10-Point Patent Checklist: Integrating patents into an overall business strategy for a Western manufacturing entity in China
Catherine Sun, Sharon R Barner and Harold C Wegner

From the Classroom

Using Biotechnology, CSI, and Zombies to Promote Science Education in one of America’s Most Challenging Regions
David Eugene Menshew

Commercial Case Study

Beacon Sciences: Commercialisation from biothreat detection to beauty enhancement
Rob Hanes, Damon Borich