• Simon Cartmell



bone graft, Actifuse, silicate, calcium phosphate, osteoconductive, orthopaedic, medical device


ApaTech is an excellent example of how innovative technology from a British university can be developed and commercialised on a global scale. Its leading product, Actifuse, competes in the crowded bone graft substitute market. Its competitors include autograft, allograft, recombinant proteins and other synthetic materials based on similar calcium phosphate technology. Discoveries regarding the role of ionic species within normal bone lead to the development of greater insights into the subtle interactions of graft structure, graft chemistry and the biology of bone formation. Financing from 3i and MTI allied to the intellectual property residing in the IRC in Biomedical Materials, Queen Mary University London plus strong commercially oriented management has resulted in ApaTech establishing itself as a major force in the bone graft substitute market. ApaTech has successfully differentiated its products and technology from that of established major orthopaedic company offerings and is capturing significant market share, particularly in the UK and USA where ApaTech has established a direct presence.