• Sharon McNeil
  • Gwilym Williams



transgenic animals, stakeholder opinions, xenotransplantation, animal pharming


The commercialisation of animal biotechnology for use in human medical applications and as food will require the availability of accurate market information. As witnessed in the case of genetically modified plants, a failure to assess market receptivity accurately can have significant ramifications for the biotechnology industry. This paper describes the findings of a survey of attitudes among a scientifically literate audience (predominantly the university and biopharmaceutical sectors) regarding animal biotechnology and associated parameters. As shown in previous studies, the use of transgenic technology for medical applications was found to carry a higher acceptance rating than its use in agriculture. Additionally, the phraseology and terminology used in questions were found to have a measurable effect on influencing respondent replies. The results of the survey are interpreted in the context of transgenic animal technologies currently in development.