• Matthew B Klusas American Type Culture Collection (ATCC)
  • Raymond H. Cypess ATCC
  • Seth Rosenfield Genesis Revenue Partners
  • Adam Gerstein Genesis Revenue Partners



intellectual property, technology transfer, intellectual property exchanges


This paper is an examination of the economics, organizational dynamics and structural factors inhibiting an electronic market for intellectual property.  Several intermediaries exist to facilitate the transition of intellectual property (IP) from sellers to buyers.  Over the past 20 years, a number of companies attempted to create an online “eBay for IP.â€Â  These IP Exchanges (IPEs) failed to gain traction in competition with other mediums that provide channels to facilitate IP transactions.  Compounding the problem is the concentration of intellectual property assets amongst a small group of institutions and within those institutions as well as organizational hurdles inherent in academic technology transfer offices.  As a result, the business model for an online IPE market is fundamentally challenging, and no successful IPE exists to date.

Author Biographies

Matthew B Klusas, American Type Culture Collection (ATCC)

Senior Director of Corporate and Business Development for ATCC, an independent, private, non-profit Biological Resource Center.

Raymond H. Cypess, ATCC

Chairman and CEO of ATCC.

Seth Rosenfield, Genesis Revenue Partners

Managing Partner at Genesis Revenue Partners

Adam Gerstein, Genesis Revenue Partners

Managing Partner at Genesis Revenue Partners.


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