Mohammad Naser Fargaly
Consultant and CEO Advisor, Dubai Health Insurance Corporation
Sara Al Dallal
Senior Health Service Specialist, Health Insurance Policy Development Section, Health Economics & Insurance Policies Department, Dubai Health Authority, President of Emirates Health Economics Society at Emirates Medical Association
Peter J Pitts
President, Center for Medicine in the Public Interest, Visiting Professor, University of Paris School of Medicine, Former Associate Commissioner, US Food and Drug Administration



The mission of the Dubai Health Authority is to transform healthcare delivery by fostering innovative and integrated care models and enhancing community engagement. The Authority’s programs are designed to move the emirate’s healthcare system forward by being mutually supportive, constituency inclusive, accountable and outcomes-based. Dubai’s healthcare policy leadership has adopted a strategy to drive and ensure compliance and accountability through an innovative health governance framework. At its core, Dubai’s healthcare strategy begins with its Care Model Innovation Program. This key initiative is designed to promote innovation and efficiency and ensure that Dubai residents (citizens) and visitors (non-citizen residents) have access to high quality services across the continuum of care.