Ren Ran
Business school, Zhejiang Pharmaceutical College, Ningbo,315000, China
Ma Minhai
Institute of mechanical and electrical engineering, Ningbo Polytechnic, Ningbo,315800, China



This work proposes an e-commerce platform consumer purchase behavior preference analysis based on the lightgbm algorithm bio technology to address the problem of large mean square error of regression coefficient in conventional e-commerce platform consumer purchase behavior preference analysis. To begin, an index system of customer purchasing behavior preferences on an e-commerce platform is built. The classification factors of consumer purchase behavior preference data and bio technology are then trained using the lightgbm algorithm and bio technology. The weight of the customer purchasing behavior preference index is then computed. Finally, the preference analysis is realized by fitting the analysis curve of customer buy behavior preference on e-commerce platform. The experimental findings reveal that the experimental group's mean square error of regression coefficient is much lower than that of the control group, which may solve the problem of traditional preference analysis's huge mean square error of regression coefficient. "Biotechnology" has recently been defined as "the application of scientific and engineering principles to the processing of materials by biological agents to provide goods and services," which opens up several opportunities for bio-industrialization. On the other side, interest in organic farming and agriculture is at an all-time high, with many farmers making the move to more environmentally friendly practices. Even though they are at odds, both contribute greatly to the growth of the biotech industry. The buzz term "Biotechnology" has swept the globe today, and there is a strong conviction that this is the sector that will provide us with a wealth of new options and solutions to every issue that we may face. Organic agriculture, on the other hand, is constantly developing innovative, cost-effective, environmentally friendly agricultural practices, which provides new forms and dimensions to the agribusiness and related businesses of the twenty-first century.