Fang Chen
School of Business, Nanchang Jiaotong Institute, Nanchang, 330100, China



According to the optimization degree of human capital structure will determine the degree of economic development of enterprises, the financial early warning index system of human capital is designed. This paper constructs a financial early warning model of human capital based on data analysis. Combined with the logical relationship that the effective allocation of human resources determines the creation of enterprise value and the realization of enterprise value through the financial capital engine, it is modified into the basic model of financial early warning combination model of human capital on the basis of Cobb Douglas production function. The data analysis toolbox of MATLAB software is used to establish the combination model of human capital financial early warning based on data analysis. The experimental results show that the method can compensate for the error of single early warning model in the combined early warning model and improve the precision of early warning. Chinese small- and medium-sized firms (SMEs) have become an increasingly significant element of China's economy, both in terms of overseas export trade and job possibilities and GDP growth. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) account for 99 percent of the country's 10 million industrial and commercially registered companies. More than 80% of urban employment is provided by small and medium-sized businesses, and 70% of innovation is generated by these businesses. The fierce rivalry in the buyer's market continues to grow in the current competitive climate. Small and medium-sized businesses in the sector must offer consumers with competitive goods and services, including preferred credit settlement methods, generally in the form of credit sales, in order to consolidate or grow their competitive advantages. As a result, many businesses find themselves in a "not selling on credit and waiting to die" or "selling on credit to court death" quandary because of the danger of the other party's usage, which frequently results in accounts receivable that cannot be fully or on time recovered. A thorough understanding of your clients, a sensible financial system, and an early warning evaluation of your company's finances are all required before you can work together.