Huan Yu
Inner Mongolia Technical College Of Construction, Inner Mongola, Hohhot, 010070, China



In today's world, with the developing technologies, data protection has become an absolute requirement, many organizations are focusing on the security of the data and information. Because many unauthorized individuals can hack computer system, putting the confidential files of the organization at danger. Therefore, there is need to employ various data security techniques in order to secure information. Furthermore, to resolve the problem of high energy consumption caused by large amount of data transmission in data protection algorithm, a data protection algorithm based on wireless communication network is proposed. Furthermore, we investigated that nowadays the protection of intellectual property is become significant issue. Because intellectual property security is essential for promoting innovation. Without intellectual property protection, individuals and firms would not gain the full advantages of their creations and would devote less time to development. The communication channel and data transmission link are established. Each node calculates the residual energy when clustering and sends it to the cluster head before the link is generated. The random number of nodes is encrypted and sorted according to the order of data link. Based on the wireless communication network, the privacy data within and between clusters are fused, and the data difference of each node is calculated respectively. Each cluster head uses homomorphic transformation to realize data sharing. The data protection algorithm is designed. The node data is partitioned and encrypted and decrypted by hybrid operation. The fusion results are uploaded to the base station to complete data protection. Apart from this, in this research, we proposed various methodologies in order to secure information as much as possible including text, photography, forms, videos and many more. Experimental results show that compared with CPDA algorithm, CMT algorithm and HRCDA algorithm, the data protection algorithm designed in this paper consumes the least total energy in each round. The algorithm can protect the privacy of data, reduce the consumption of data, and extend the life cycle of the whole network.