Yali Liu
Henan College of Transportation,Zhengzhou, 450000,China



The existing intelligent selection methods have the problem of fuzzy characteristics of sustainable transportation mode, which leads to high regional saturation. This paper designs an intelligent selection method of sustainable transportation mode based on advanced big data analysis. This paper explains the use of biotechnology in improving the mechanism of transportation for the sustainable working of transport industry. Taking a certain attribute of a road section as the weight of the edge, the road network expression is obtained, and the path planning model is constructed to directly reflect the road traffic conditions. Advanced big data analyzes the characteristics of sustainable traffic mode, determines a reasonable mapping rule, allocates the source node and destination node of computer overhead, and uses ant colony algorithm to establish an intelligent selection mechanism. Experimental results: the average regional saturation of the intelligent selection method and the other two selection methods are 0.397, 0.530 and 0.544, which proves that the intelligent selection method combined with advanced big data analysis technology has higher application value.