Liangliang Zhou
Department of policy and law, Party School of Cangzhou municipal Party committee of CPC, Cangzhou, 061000, China



With the increasingly perfect protection of citizens' information and computer systems in China, network security has become an important problem in the development of information age. The common embezzlement of WLAN has not been paid enough attention. The number of cases such as personal privacy leakages and property damage caused by this behavior is increasing. In this analysis, we investigated computer aided judgement methods and suggested various strategies in order to improves the security system of Chinas’ industrial sector, banking sectors, education sectors, etc., by promoting country’s laws and regulations. we also highlight the optimization methods of the legal liability for embezzlement of WLAN. Based on the clear different ways of embezzlement of WLAN, based on the different purposes and results of the embezzlement, the civil liability and criminal liability of the embezzlement are analyzed, and the problems existing in the application of law are explored, which provides legal basis for the construction of a safe network environment.