Book Reviewer: Nola E Masterson MS
Lead Investor, Porfolia, Femtech Funds Managing Director Science Futures LLC



Climbing the Spiral Staircase is focused on advice to women executives, who want to advance in their career, and desire an opportunity to join in the C Suite and on Boards of Directors. These may be women in the corporate world, or scientists that have not thought of themselves as executives yet. Certainly, a pharmaceutical or biotech company has multiple need for women in upper levels of management. Meyer gives practical advice and penetrating analysis of gender issues that are rarely acknowledged in self-help books. Her premise is that once we accept that gender makes for a different trajectory in women’s careers, we can begin to plan for it, and use the bias to succeed. Meyer comes from a heritage of South African white women and views her experience as a pioneer, chartering new territory. She sees leadership as a way of living.