Zhe Li



In this paper, the application of ATP fluorescence in the detection of colonies in the health environment of hospitals was studied. Firstly, the principle of ATP bioluminescence method was described. Then, ATP bioluminescence and plate count method were used to test the density of the surface of the objects in selected area, taking the time points 2 hours after disinfection as the time nodes. The results showed that the difference between the qualified rate of ATP bioluminescence assay and the plate count method was statistically significant {P<0.01}. Therefore, ATP bioluminescence method was highly correlated with bacterial culture method. The correlation coefficient of pass rate of the two methods was 0.782, which indicated that there was a positive correlation between the two test results. Besides, the detection results showed that ATP bioluminescence method had higher sensitivity than plate counting method. Therefore, ATP bioluminescence method was more suitable for the rapid detection of the colony of hospital health environment, and helps the hospital to better manage its environmental hygiene conditions

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