Lisa Callagher
University of Auckland Business School, Auckland, New Zealand
christopher cullis
Francis Hobart Herrick Professor of Biology, & Director, MS in Biotechnology Entrepreneurship, Case Western Reserve University, USA



Bioentrepreneurship education is the academic field that represents education regarding the plethora of activities associated with entrepreneurship in the biotechnology sector. This paper reviews the developments in bioentrepreneurship education, recognizing its establishment as a field in 2009. 52 publications are reviewed, including journal articles, editorials, books, book chapters, theses, and conference proceedings. The results indicate the field is emerging, is represented by studies from multiple regions, and involves partnerships between university departments and between universities and the local biotech sector. Four themes are put forward and discussed to suggest where bioentrepreneurship educators and scholars might go next. These are (1) Programmatic versus embedding approaches, (2) the need for Industry stakeholder views on bioentrepreneurship education, (3) Ecosystem effects on learning experiences and potential learning outcomes, and, (4) Development toward a common bioentrepreneurship curriculum.