Dennis Yablonsky
Founding CEO of the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse and Pittsburgh Digital Greenhouse; former Secretary of Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, and former CEO of Allegheny Conference on Community Development.



The Pittsburgh region’s recovery and transformation from an economy dominated by heavy industry to a balanced and diversified economy throughout the region has been documented by many publications during the past decade. Pittsburgh is rightfully viewed as a model for post-industrial transformation and is positioned to provide sustainable careers and a high standard of living for its people. This article will not attempt to tell that broad economic recovery story again, but instead will focus on one important aspect of the story: the rise of Life Sciences/Biotech as one of the key clusters driving the Pittsburgh story. I had the privilege of being at the table for much of the planning and execution that went into the development of this cluster.  In this article, I hope to provide a unique view of the key elements of the plan for Life Sciences in the Pittsburgh Region.