Dennis Abremski
Executive Director, Institute for the Global Entrepreneur and
Paul Roben
Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Commercialization, University of California, San Diego



San Diego’s economy, fueled by its innovation ecosystem, has experienced meteoric growth over the past several decades, with the region now ranked amongst the top life sciences clusters in the world. This growth has been inextricably linked to the military presence over the decades and the region has benefited from the symbiotic presence of both the military and private and public sector innovation partners, creating an ecosystem that may be unique in the nation. This unique combination of market forces is turbo-charging the creation of “multi-use” technologies and startups, through regional collaborations and associated programs that align the research discoveries and capabilities of universities, with the strategic needs of the government, while feeding the growth of commercial industry partners and the economy as a whole.  One key to the continued competitiveness and success of San Diego will be to strengthen this virtuous cycle, to drive productivity and propagate the impact of the engagement across multiple innovation sectors or clusters.