Arthur A Boni
Editor in Chief , Journal of Commercial Biotechnology



In this book review and accompanying commentary and Addendum, we focus on 5 principal topics/major themes that are of interest for our readership, with a focus on framing the translation of transformative technology into a platform business model in biopharma.  We focus on: 1) the behavioral and personal side of the story of the academic scientist, in this case the principal “code breaker” – Jennifer Doudna; 2) the innovation/technology transfer models, including team building appropriate for successfully translating technology from the academic laboratory into the private sector; 3) the IP considerations needed for broad commercialization and dissemination of pivotal, platform inventions in biopharma; and, 4) framing the issues surrounding the ethical discussion related to use in patients associated with a transformative, gene based technology like CRISPR. We also include an Addendum that covers, 5) Some pertinent, concluding comments on the importance of high–performance, diverse teams for founding, building, and growing successful biotechnology companies.