Matt Beale
Tim Cunningham



Developing solutions for biopharma/medtech/digital medicine products and services requires a cross-disciplinary team to engage a broad section of the healthcare ecosystem. Unlike technology products, this ecosystem is more complex and involves patients, physicians, providers, payers, and partners. Each of these parties must be engaged to understand overall market need, requirements, and constraints. This article focuses on design thinking as part of the overall strategic and marketing resources that can be used to observe, question, and understand the needs of the entire ecosystem. The interdisciplinary commercialization team can thereby reach a common understanding of the outcome of each component of the job to be done from the perspectives of each party, and thereby achieve overall product/market fit for the product design and overall business model components. This chapter outlines the perspective and approach of Daedalus, a full-service, interdisciplinary product development firm with decades of experience working with medtech companies. The article is complementary and supplementary to the materials on design thinking in Part One of this monograph/special edition. It also covers several examples as mini cases that are pertinent to healthcare from projects undertaken by Daedalus, Inc. from their industry portfolio of achievements.