Moira A. Gunn
University of San Francisco, School of Management, Director, Business of Biotechnology Program; Producer and Host, BioTech Nation



In 2012 and 2016, the first two strategic science-business media models were published (SBBMM 1.0 and 2.0). Since that time, there have been significant changes both to the media landscape and to the usage and capability of online and social media platforms. This paper seeks to describe the current bioindustry-relevant media landscape, to introduce a new media model, the Strategic Bioenterprise Media Model 2020 (SBMM 2020), which reflects this new landscape, and to present a mainstream submodel to support the latest opportunity for biotechnology media coverage: Mainstream Media. Examples are drawn from media coverage following the FDA approvals of Zulresso from Sage Therapeutics, Aimovig from Novartis and Amgen, and AquAdvantage salmon from AquAdvantage Technologies. The overall goal of this paper is to equip bioenterprise professionals with an understanding of media dynamics and the strategic potential it brings, ultimately contributing to bioenterprise success.